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Bulk Mulch, Stone, Sand, and Soil For Sale

Bulk Mulch For Sale

Most all the mulches are made right here onsite and are made fresh every week for delivery. We never use any construction waste for our premium mulches only organic wood products such as stump wood and logs (except for red mulch we do use pallet material for a better end result).

Our colored mulches are the best in the valley and will hold its color better than most all of our competitors. We spare no expense and use only specific product to color and adequate colorant to make the absolute best colored mulch that will last longer and look better all year long.

Bulk Stone For Sale

Throughout history people have valued stone for use in decoration. Adding decorative stones to your yard or outdoor garden is easy, fun and a great way to enjoy some fresh air. It’s also a wonderful way to use your imagination when designing and selecting the types of materials that you will use in your yard.

Decorative stone is widely used in many landscape applications. Depending upon where the stone is being used, and for what purpose, the size of the stone varies. In most cases decorative stone is crushed into sizes of 1/2″ to 3/4″.

Decorative stone can be used in and around water features, on garden paths, easily maintained driveways, cladding on walls, filler between flagstone joints to create an extra decorative element and interesting pattern.

Whatever the size of your landscaping project Stone Haven Supply can provide the materials you need.

Bulk Sand For Sale

Concrete Sand can be used for mixing with cement or for constructing septic systems while Mason Sand may be used to mix concrete or mortar for laying blocks, bricks & stone. NJ bar sand is used for patios, volleyball courts, sandboxes and playgrounds.

Bulk Soil For Sale

Good topsoil is not an accident. At Stone Haven Supply we have our own topsoil screening operation which allows us to produce quality, blended topsoil in commercial and residential quantities.

Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 to 8 inches. While fill is a densely packed soil layer and is known as subsoil.