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Boy that mulch smells!
Did you know that mulch is often times back hauled by garbage haulers? That’s right! Many large mulch producers use garbage haulers to save money. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been behind one of these garbage haulers in the summer and I don’t want my mulch that goes around my house, that my kids and pets play in even close to that trailer. Most retailers buy their mulch don’t know where it came from or who hauled it, but we do!! Our mulch is made right here onsite from virgin recycled materials, such as trees, brush and stumps. Starting in 2015, all premium mulches are made from virgin logs and stump wood only.

Is that really what I paid for?
Unfortunately, PA does not include selling landscape materials under their weights and measure laws that are enforced by the Department of Agriculture…so how do you know you really know if you’re getting a true yard of mulch? At The Mulch Spot, all buckets are clearly tagged from the manufacture and we would be glad to show this to you.

Why are there nails and/or rusty spots on my mulch?
We live in an area with very large distribution centers and a tremendous amount of local pallet companies that are recycling their old pallets into mulch. This is fine and we want to promote recycling, but in my eyes premium mulch doesn’t come from old decaying pallets full of nails. Our premium brown and black mulches are 98% free of pallets and our natural mulches are 99.9% pallet free. All our pallets are colored into red mulch as the wood is the only thing we can get red to stick to.

Why did my black mulch turn “brack”?
If you don’t already know, “brack” is a color between brown and black and is more like grey. Most times this comes from producers trying to save money on dye by only using the minimum amount necessary to get it out of the door. The Mulch Spot is committed to making the longest lasting color possible in the industry. If you like really nice black mulch, try our NEW Jet Black Super Ground mulch. This is brand new for 2016 and quantities will be limited.

In closing,
The Mulch Spot is committed to making and selling mulch for every application and budget. From our low cost Contractor’s Natural Blend to our premium Jet Black, we have a product to suit everyone’s needs.